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"I learned from Quinn that joy is EVERYWHERE.

It's in the big. It's in the small. AND it lives inside of me. I can access it at any time."

- KS, Atlanta

"Quinn's teachings and exercises were hopeful and enlightening in showing pathways to being able to generate more joy even when it may seem inaccessible."
Valarie Eilert, MFT, San Francisco

"I loved her emphasis that joy can be experienced and cultivated right now, regardless of your circumstances, and that it is a birthright that everyone deserves."

Dr. Erika Grace, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Quinn O'Briant, Joy Boss

Quinn O'Briant, Joy Boss

Creator of Joy + Money Mindset, The Joyful Entrepreneur, and The Joy-Based Business Leader

Does money make you miserable?

  • No matter how much money you have, you hate thinking about finances.
  • Paying bills is even less appealing than dental work.
  • An impending rent or mortgage payment keeps you awake at night.
  • Every penny you bring in goes to an obligation, not joy.
  • You feel stuck, unable to earn more or change your financial situation.
  • You wish someone who had walked the path to having and enjoying money would help you figure it all out.

If these sound like you, good news. You've come to the right place.

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Meet Quinn.

When I was 28 years old, I walked into a San Francisco courtroom and told the judge I could not pay my debts.

Bankruptcy was a relief, yet also a major financial trauma. I watched as my car was towed away, the house I'd saved to buy ransacked by looters and then foreclosed by the bank.

I thought I would never recover.

But I also figured I'd damn well better try, because a life of poverty and failure wasn't what I wanted.

I continued to make mistakes, but I also made progress, year by year. Bit by bit.

The solution wasn't ONLY higher income or bookkeeping, it had to start with me.

How I saw money, what I believed about it, and the role I wanted money to play in my life: all that had to change.

Today my financial picture is wildly different from what it was two decades ago. I've enjoyed the sweet house, the sexy car, and the fancy international travel many times over. I've often wished I could hug my young self and tell her it would all work out way better than she could have imagined.

That's why I created this program for you.

It includes everything I know about how to heal your relationship with money and learn to thrive financially -- with JOY.

Hi, I'm Quinn, the Joy Boss. I'm here to help you change your whole damn life, starting with money.

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Start changing your life, beginning with money.

This is like no other money course in the world. 10 weeks, 12 lessons, delivered in videos, audio recordings, and worksheets, all in bite sizes that won't overwhelm your already busy life. You've got this.

Here's a sneak peek at what's inside:


Welcome to the real deal

This course is practical, easy to use, and includes only tried-and-true methods and practices, vetted by me. So glad you're here.


Our shame-based money culture

Capitalism has big upsides, but few things crush the human spirit quite like being on the receiving end of it. All the shame and fear you have around money isn't your fault, and I'll explain why.


Let's figure out what you really want

A joyful approach to money is different for everyone. Let's dig into your money story to figure out where you've been and where you're going.


Strategy: manifesting for skeptics

You don't have to be a believer of any kind to learn some manifesting skills. In this lesson I break down my own experience and show you how to get started.


Joy, money, and purpose

You might have noticed that joy is not the default life experience for most of us. One of the best ways to get more joy is to link it to purpose. Let's do it.


Beliefs and the trouble they cause

Let's stop with the self-fulfilling prophecies. Dig in on what you believe about money and joy and how those beliefs might be holding you back.


Strategy: rewire your brain

Ever heard of neuroplasticity? If not, great news! You can change your brain. You've already made progress and now you're going to learn more and start joy snacking.


Recovering from financial trauma

Financial trauma and abuse are real and have happened to lots of people. Let's find out what that means and direct you to some extra help if you need it.


Strategy: investigate possibilities

This is the tool I used to finally get a big break and turn my money picture around for good. I'll break down the details and get you set up to do the same.


What to do in a money crisis

No matter how evolved you are, things can and will go sideways. Here are my tools for managing a money crisis, and maybe even turning it into an opportunity.


Bonus 1: Quinn's top money secret

This is it. The thing that makes me successful with money. Wanna know what it is?


Bonus 2: Favorite resources

The bonus resource section has my favorite books and other resources, plus links to help with financial trauma and recovery.

Getting started is easy.

This is a good day to change your life. Begin right now.

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Ask away!

How much does it cost?

It's $950 if you pay in full or $1,000 for an easy 4-month payment plan. If you choose the payment plan, you can get started for just $250.

How do I know it's for me?

If money is making you miserable or is not bringing you fun, pleasure, and joy, this course is for you.

Do I get immediate access to all the modules?

Real change happens over time, so you'll get a new module every week for 10 weeks. That gives you time to reflect and practice from week to week.

How much time will the program take?

You'll want to carve out a minimum of an hour a week for 10 weeks to sit with the lessons, plus a few minutes every day for journaling and reflection.  You have full access to the course for a YEAR, so don't stress if you need to take time away and come back to it.

When can I get started?

Right away! As soon as you sign up you'll have access to the first module and you'll be on your way to making big changes. You'll get both the first module and the BONUS resources immediately.

What if I have questions?

Reach out by email anytime! You can find me at quinn@quinnobriant.com.

Are there any live calls?

This program is entirely self-serve and does not include live calls or coaching.

What's the refund policy?

You're welcome to a full refund within 14 days of purchase. For other questions or to request a refund, email quinn@quinnobriant.com.