Joy in Hard Times

What if difficult moments become your own roadmap to cultivating joy?

What if the pains of life teach you how to find joy amid loss? They can, if you let them.

In this course, Quinn O'Briant, Joy Boss, shows you how.

Your 2-hour path to more joy

A masterclass on finding joy in the midst of sorrow, Joy in Hard Times is your roadmap to a more joyful experience of life alongside the pains and losses.

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When you've been to hell and back, joy can be hard to find. Through major losses and transitions, Joy Boss Quinn O'Briant has learned to find joy even in hard times.

Quinn O'Briant, MFA, MLA, is the creator of the Joy + Money Mindset, Joyful Entrepreneur, and Joy-Based Business Leader programs. She's a two-time author, frequent podcast guest, and a graduate of Stanford University, Emory University, and Goddard College.

Quinn O'Briant, Joy Boss

Explore the Joy in Hard Times Masterclass

Here's a sneak peek at what's inside:


More joy, even now

Hard times are like a yoga mat for joy. If you cultivate joy amid grief and change, you'll enjoy even more delicious joy when happier times return.


Why you aren't more joyful (and what to do about it)

Find out the top barriers to joy and learn 5 things to stop believing right now.


What joy means for you

Joy lives in your body. Let's cultivate a practice that helps you find more joy right now.


Signature practice: joy tuning

Quinn's favorite joy practice, designed to shift your heart and mind towards embodied joy every day.


Joy: the other side of grief

Grief shows up throughout our lives; we need to dance with it instead of fighting or resisting. The reward is more joy, even in grief.


Grow your joy garden

Joy practices to help you cultivate deeper joy and integrate it into your life.

People Love Joy in Hard Times

"I learned from Quinn that joy is EVERYWHERE.

It's in the big. It's in the small. AND it lives inside of me. I can access it at any time."

- KS, Atlanta

"Quinn's teachings and exercises were hopeful and enlightening in showing pathways to being able to generate more joy even when it may seem inaccessible."
Valarie Eilert, MFT, San Francisco

"I loved her emphasis that joy can be experienced and cultivated right now, regardless of your circumstances, and that it is a birthright that everyone deserves."

Dr. Erika Grace, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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